Investment firm Black Dragon Capital has completed the acquisition of Grass Valley, one of the world’s leading companies in the development solutions for audiovisual broadcasting and content distribution, according to a press release. Belden Inc. is the former owner of Grass Valley.

With this purchase, Black Dragon Capital assumes full control of Grass Valley and all of its assets. The agreement was announced in February.

Grass Valley will continue its day-to-day activities under the leadership of the company’s President, Tim Shoulders. “Grass Valley has shown itself to be the transformation partner for our customers time and again, leading the way with the transition from SDI to IP and now again with the move to cloud-based and SaaS solutions,” Shoulders said. “By leveraging Black Dragon’s experience, Grass Valley will be able to more effectively develop and deliver solutions that lead the media industry through its own digital transformation,” he added. “The coming months will see us build on the recent successful launch of GV AMPP, the cloud-enabled, SaaS platform built specifically for broadcast,” the President concluded.

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